A few days ago, while listening to the live broadcast of the International Homeopathic School "Proving", I literally became attached to one thought: at some level of explanation, all homeopathy helps us understand and, if necessary, transform the way we interact with other people.

This arises literally immediately: you just need to take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil - and put a point on it ... Just one point on the sheet - and now there is a correlation: here is "I", but everything else that does not apply to my "I". What does it mean to me? What can I expect from "others"? How to build communication with them - those who go beyond my own being?

Immediately she began to recall her own long-term experience of the patient - the experience of "communication" with various drugs (and when taking it, there really is a feeling that you meet and begin to interact with a multitude of "voices" that you seemed to hear in yourself a long time ago, but then for some reason- I forgot). When the drug was mineral, “others” seemed to be part of the structure you want to build, they seemed to be an annoying hindrance or a valuable resource in it. “Plant” perception - and now “others” influence my sensitivity, and you react to their influence with your whole being. The “other” in the world of animal drugs is an enemy (or friend), looks you straight in the eyes, this is a one-on-one meeting, opposition, lively interpersonal interaction.

And what happens to a person if suddenly his “I”, like a wall, fenced off from all “others” and chose not to interact with them, to stay only in its own world?

During this live broadcast, Dr. S. Parnes presented one of the successful cures for autism with homeopathy - a vivid professional story that strengthens hope.

This challenge - to bring back and support the hope of helping "special children" - will be at the center of the conference on the problems of homeopathic treatment for autism, which will be held on April 25, 2021. The speakers are doctors, psychologists, teachers with many years of experience in managing children with ASD, helping and supporting families, diagnostics and habilitation work.

For the conference program, see the link:

Cost: 1,500 thousand rubles. Payment and registration here -

See you!

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