The most amazing impression that I have encountered in recent days is how connected we all are!

Moreover, both within the family, and with the immediate environment - friends, work colleagues, and with distant ones - like-minded people and opponents ... They are associated with the memory of a kind, with those who lived and died a long time ago, who, it would seem, were not found in in this world - but all the same, there is this connection, it does not let go ...

I am in a bad mood - and now my mother is complaining of a headache, my sister calls and tells how she had a quarrel with a colleague at work, my nephew complains that he stopped understanding the teacher in class - but it seemed that this was his favorite subject, everything was going so well ... - if you don't want to, but you have to think, sometimes even somehow control your own thoughts and reactions - for half an hour of emotional “joys”, outbursts of emotions, and people around will still be trying to resolve their consequences, how long these “circles on the water will spread” "...

Thinking about it, and inevitably comes to mind: but, most likely, what is happening to us today is also a consequence of some thoughts, actions, experiences of those people who preceded us in this world. Sometimes I see my grandmother so clearly in myself! .. Is that good or bad? - And not good and not bad, it's just - "so", it seems, this is the law of being, which you just need to be aware of and take into account. Memory of the clan, unity of the clan, of all people connected together. to distant descendants!

The conference "Special children - from feelings to meanings", which will be held on April 25, 2021 by MGSH "Proving", is largely devoted not only to "special children", but to those "systems" in which they come, in which they exist, develop and where they bring their life experience, their feelings and possibilities ... Different than the majority. But, perhaps, from this and more significant. To understand what we can do for these children and how to help them, it is so important to listen to this experience! Many of the talks at the conference will be aimed at just that!

There is still time to join!

We invite doctors, homeopaths, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, speech therapists, social workers, tutors and parents of special children.

metro station "Chistye Prudy"

st. Myasnitskaya, building 24/7, building 3.

Come in person or participate online.

April 25, 2021, Sunday, registration starts at 10.30

For the conference program, see the link.

Cost: 1,500 thousand rubles. Payment and registration here -

The conference broadcast will be available here:

Contacts: 89771235814 Vladlena,

See you!

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