"Hundred bucks" is a proving of the American dollar. Reflections after a hearing.

Before turning to the internal nature and energy of the Dollar that opens up in its fullness in the process of Proving, it is necessary to touch briefly on the essence of the phenomenon of Proving and the associated internal dynamics of the various elements of the universe.

Proving is not an artificially constructed method brought from outside into human life. Proving at its base is a natural manifestation of the forces of the human soul: knowledge, self-discovery and selfhealing. Proving is like a mysterious room in the depths of human consciousness with an infinite number of doors, behind each of which is hidden charming, but at the same time intimidating by its profundity internal truth of external phenomena and processes.

It follows that the element used in Proving is internally unambiguous, which predetermines the quality of human experience in the process of Proving and the structure of its description. For this reason, Proving, as the essence of the element used in it, is nothing but an "antinomy aimed at synthesis". In other words, the struggle and unity of the opposing qualities experienced in Proving form the basis of the healing and predetermine its fullness. It is the unity of light and darkness of the human soul that is true health and life.

This text is an attempt to present the Proving Dollar in the form of an ordered line of experience, a more understandable plot of meaning. However, it is always necessary to keep in mind the non-linearity of the living experience of Proving, which is based on the unique individuality and freedom of each participant.

* * *

The extravert, absorbing, youthful optimism-filled energy of the Dollar is only one thing in this image and, I must say, not the main manifestation of the nature of this currency. This kind of business expansion generates internal resistance, some meaningless, silent internal conflict, tension, as if the entire inner being were resisting the invasion of a frightening and simultaneously charming external force. This fleeting inconvenience, however, is replaced by lightness in the legs and cold clarity of mind, striving together with the legs as if torn from the ground to the light of their own ambitions and eternal claims.

Feet and mind!

The rest of the body is displaced for want of it. It begins to come to the realization that this expansion is surprisingly adaptive and overcomes any resistance and borders with ease and a youthful fervour. It overcomes everything, not so much by force, but by infecting the minds and hearts of people with a thirst rooted in material "here and now". It is a powerful thirst that absorbs and assimilates everything in its path, including time. It is a powerful thirst, a bottomless appetite, hallucinating with a sense of empowerment, self-confidence, idle collectivity and group hedonism, a passion to own and possess.

But gradually steel clouds are thickening over the emerald heights. The energy of the Dollar is a different hypostasis, creating a sense of compactness and fossilization. But it is some kind of bizarre, pulsating fossil, with the same expansion, as if squeezing a man out of himself, leaving in the soul of darkness, devoid of even the natural concern of man. The gaze is clear, but pointlessly directed outwardly, but between the eyes and soul like a stone wall. Such heartlessness generates meaningless and unsettling despair.

This pulsating, yet cold thirsty, fossil is spreading out like "circles on water", continuing its senseless expansion and absorption. It is like a ring road inside cities, only extending to the whole world, where every such ring has control and tyranny. The human world is ringed with stone circles. All inhabitants of this personal world are controlled by hidden manipulation and despotism. Expansion of borders eventually turns out to be an expansion of restrictions, which makes us sad.

In turn, "stone expansion" is replaced by a sense of narrowing stone emptiness, compaction of internal space and an oppressive sense of deception. There is a hope to return to the "paradise" of the original youth, which is not recognized as the original self-deception, and therefore has no real basis in the soul, and is restored either through a feverish imitation of activity or by intoxicating means. But it is "better" than a hidden, compacted, lifeless void.

The inner nature of the Dollar is expressed in two parallel straight meanings. On the one hand is a young man, a pioneer. On the other is the control of some kind of cold tyranny. But in the end, these lines converge, giving rise to bizarre and sometimes horrific faces:

- The tyranny of meaninglessness and emptiness;

- A despotic youth, a young tyrant, a young despot;

- A tyrannical extraversion and a soul-slaving extraversion;

- Controlling fun;

- Tyranny with optimism;

- Controlling freedom;

- Deloviteness and "attainmenting" as forms of control and tyranny over the world and escape from inner reality;

- Stability as a fossil and as a form of control and despotism.

Just as light reveals itself as a particle, so does the Dollar-nature, both as a wave of youthful optimism and the iridescent days of expansion of selfish ambition, and as an administrative control particle with some kind of original cold of exhausted tyranny and despotism.

Author – Anton Japarov

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